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About Us

The YSC team is the unrivaled advocates of holistic sales management. Our one-of-a-kind, practice is dedicated to delivering integrated solutions to business owners to help them achieve their sales goals and wellness aspirations. 

What is Holistic Sales Management? It's a unique approach that optimizes sales strategies and processes that prioritize the wellbeing and mindset of the business owner and sales team. It involves practices that promote mental, emotional and physical health into the sales management framework that leads to more effective and sustainable company and personal growth. 


The Ahern's believe, and a growing body of research confirms, that when wellness is intentionally included into a sales management strategy and owner mindset, the business is more likely to flourish.   


Whether it's a sales assessment, the development of a repeatable sales process, personalized sales coaching, strategic guidance and/or supplemental wellness experiences, we have your back.


YSC specializes in working with businesses that want intentional growth and wellbeing. After an initial free consultation, we begin with an affordable sales assessment to pinpoint areas of opportunity. From there, we work month-to-month to address specific needs that we agree will drive growth.


We can relieve the burden of sales management so you can run your business, achieve ground breaking results and feel good while doing it.  Healthy Pipeline Healthy You. Call today and let's see if we are a good fit. Thanks, 

Thomas A. Ahern

YOur Team

Occe Center 2.JPG

the occe center

  • Over 200 Medicinal Grade Essential Oils from around the world.

  • Dedicated yoga, meditation, functional fitness rooms with Infrared & Argen treatment options.

  • PEMF mat, device, and table.

  • Private Ayurvedic Yoga with a proprietary Mentorship Program option

  • Integrative library of resources.

  • Fireside seating with carefully selected array of organic teas.

  • Groomed, nature path and sitting area on six acres with views of Gilette Castle and the Connecticut River.

  • Landscaped gardens for contemplation and forest bathing.

  • Seasonal heated saltwater pool.

  • Healthy snacks and eco-friendly products.

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