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Belinda Ahern
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Integrative health practioner

Belinda, an entrepreneur, and integrative health practitioner is the founder and CEO of businesses in Connecticut and Arizona. With a strong background in human resources and Faculty Affairs at Yale School of Medicine, she has a solid foundation in health and management. Belinda's extensive knowledge of healing practices, both in the US and abroad, focuses on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. She offers small business owners’ insight, a balanced perspective, and practical skills to support their wellness.


Belinda is an innovative leader in mind-body training, helping people create their own health, happiness, and peace for the benefit of their company's future. Through various mind-body methods, she equips individuals with the tools to regain control of their thoughts and actions, taking ownership of their lives and embodying vitality.

Under Belinda's guidance, the OCCE Center provides unique wellness coaching for self-care, stress management, and clarity. She also incorporates experiences from Western and Chinese medicine, herbalism, aromatherapy, yoga, Ayurveda, and other techniques. Belinda's expertise in animal behavior extends the concept of well-being to companion animals.

As CEO of the OCCE Center, Belinda offers a peaceful sanctuary for personalized 1:1 wellness coaching. She and Thomas have raised five remarkable children and several therapy dogs.

  • Yoga Alliance – 500RYT Teacher YACEP

  • Certified Personal Trainer - American Council ACE

  • Senior Fitness Instructor

  • Yoga 12 Step Recovery Teacher

  • Yoga Warriors International -  Yoga for Trauma 

  • Laughter Yoga Instructor

  • Emei Qi Gong

  • Reiki Master Usui Teacher

  • Vipassana Meditation - 2800hr

  • Medicinal Herbal Studies  

  • Aromatherapiy - Ayurveda - Essential Oils

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