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It’s Not a Luxury, it’s a Necessity: Unlocking the Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success and Vitality; AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO BUSINESS WELLNESS

Updated: Feb 17

Written by: Belinda N. Ahern

Does your business struggle with inconsistent revenue? Are you constantly juggling unfinished projects and feeling overwhelmed? You're not alone. In the world of entrepreneurship where ambition meets challenges, a crucial and often overlooked factor sets the most successful business owners apart from the rest--health and wellness. For every triumphant business there is a strategic commitment to well-being that goes beyond personal comfort.

Unfortunately, too many small business owners are hesitant to invest into wellness initiatives for themselves or for their teams. In fact, a May 2023 study revealed that 75 percent of entrepreneurs are concerned about their mental health yet most haven't sought help for it because of cost or lack of time. In my experience, hesitation also comes from the uncertainty surrounding two primary questions:

  • Do wellness initiatives work?

  • What measurable impact will a wellness initiative have on me?


What we know is that your health and well-being directly impact the business's success. When you neglect your physical and mental health, your energy, focus, and productivity suffer. In the elusive search for work-life balance the evidence is clear. We need to do more. Interestingly, over a million small businesses are founded in America each year, but 40 percent of them fail in the first year and 80 percent in the first five years. But what if you took advantage of the resources and techniques that promise to help you achieve the life you desire? What if you could reach your business goals without sacrificing your well-being? We’d likely see a lot more thriving and sustainable small businesses and joyful business owners.

Embracing well-being practices empowers you to overcome challenges with energy and resilience, leading to sustainable growth. By managing stress and gaining mental clarity, you make informed decisions that propel your venture forward.

To drive growth of your business and find balance in life, “mindset matters”. Not only does it help to mentally divide your responsibilities into three manageable quadrants but shifting from a "hustle" to a "thrive" framework and viewing your entrepreneurial journey as a marathon, not a sprint. Prioritizing long-term sustainability over short-term gains. Another thing you can do is to identify energy depleting activities that sap your strength and set boundaries to minimize them. Discover your wellness "sweet spot" by experimenting with different holistic practices that work best for you, whether it's yoga, dancing, spending time in nature, or connecting with loved ones. And seek professional support from therapists, nutritionists, or other wellness professionals to address specific needs.

With the right mindset, assess how you are organizing your time with the business. Often, small business owners are busy "in" the business to ensure the day-to-day operations are in order and any problems are solved. Then, if there is time they pull back and take a high-level overview of the company and work "on" the business and strategize about their vision and mission. Finally, and this is the part that unfortunately gets overlooked, is the importance of working on ourselves.

In all our excitement and eagerness to build a great company we overlook our own wellness and continued growth. We forget we are the entrepreneur and the foundation for sustainable success, so we must be incorporated into the equation.

Let's further explore how these three quadrants can improve our wellness and vitality.  First, think of the first quadrant as working "in" the business. This includes everything related to the operation of the company. Examples are creating your product, hiring, and onboarding, marketing and sales management. These are the nuts and bolts of the business and often take up most of your time and energy. In this quadrant, practice gratitude while focusing on what you are doing well and not so much on what you are lacking. This mindset will boost resilience, motivation, and overall well-being. Cultivate self-compassion by forgiving yourself for mistakes and celebrating small wins. Progress takes time.

The second quadrant in this equation is working "on” the business,". This is the part of the business that is sometimes neglected if there are too many daily problems to manage. Examples from this quadrant include strategic planning, research, and creating repeatable systems for scale and growth. These initiatives drive the business in a certain direction. Here, there is an opportunity to reflect on your own success as the “CEO” of your company. Can you really do it all, or would it benefit the business to enlist help or get yourself some support?   

The third quadrant is working on you or working “outside” of the business," which includes activities related to your physical and emotional well-being. Entrepreneurs can benefit from these wellness activities:


  • Physical: Regular exercise, healthy eating, and quality sleep which enhance energy levels and cognitive function.

  • Mental: Meditation, mindfulness practices, and journaling can help manage stress, improve focus, and boost emotional resilience.

  • Spiritual: Connecting with nature, engaging in religious or spiritual practices, or simply spending time in quiet reflection can foster inner peace and purpose.

  • Social: Building a supportive network of other entrepreneurs or mentors can provide emotional support, valuable advice, and a sense of belonging.

Remember to start your wellness activities small and build gradually. Don't try to overhaul your entire routine overnight. Introduce small changes you can stick with long-term. Monitor your progress on how your well-being practices impact your energy, mood, and productivity. Share your journey and inspire and support others by openly discussing your experiences with holistic wellness.

All these practices are vital for the success of your company, but how you prioritize your time and attention among them determines your level of wellness, satisfaction, and sustainability. Neglecting yourself for the sake of your business will lead to poor outcomes in the long run.

We understand the challenges of running a business while trying to achieve a work-life balance. We know it can sometimes feel impossible. That's where Your-Sales Consultant comes in. Our mission is to empower and support fellow entrepreneurs like you in creating the most fulfilling life possible.

What is OCCE?

OCCE stands for "sculpting the lifestyle of your dreams" by becoming the person you're meant to be. OCCE's about taking care of your mind and body and being the best version of yourself. We want to help you become the business owner you aspire to be. You have the passion and purpose to make it happen. Your potential is limitless, and your dreams matter. Living intentionally, with a clear purpose aligned with your heart, intuition, and business goals, is the key to achieving your own definition of success.

Thomas Ahern and Belinda Ahern founded the OCCE Center to build a community, live our dreams, and create powerful life-changing experiences for others. We want to empower you by providing the tools necessary for your unique path to personal and professional growth.

Our integrated sales management practice is rooted in the belief that the mind and body are connected and essential for vitality in both life and business. We incorporate a six step process to guaranteed growth along with ancient traditions and sacred plant medicine into our training because of their powerful ability to transform lives. We are constantly seeking new experiences to challenge our own growth and are passionate about developing our own health, lifestyle, and business.

By sharing our knowledge and experiences with you, we hope to inspire you to make your moments, days, and years more fulfilling. Your connection with us fuels our passion and helps us tailor our training to meet your specific needs. It would be an honor to work with you. Remember, the key is to find a sustainable approach that fits your unique needs and lifestyle. Start exploring, be patient, and enjoy the journey!

Click here to learn more about me, the OCCE Center and Your-Sales Consultant or contact us for your free initial assessment.

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